Fraded Decentralised Super Encryption

Take control of YOUR Data

Redefining Data Privacy

BluMamba is a cloud native data storage technology designed for personal data privacy.

PinkScorpion protects your data from data harvesting by both large organisations and governments.

Pink Scorpion Wallet


Pink Scorpion Wallet allows personal management and audit review of personal data access.


It can be branded or integrated into an existing mobile solution.




Confidential documents for risk-free use
in the field

Secure Your Photos In The Cloud

Want to be able to account for how you use your customers’ personal data?

BluMamba Mobile

Data lives in the BluMamba cloud.
Data is usable on the device but never resides there. If the device is left or snatched there is no leakage.

The World’s Safest

Utilises wavelet technology to break data into meaningful frades. Frades (TM) are distributed across multiple legal jurisdictions. Data only becomes meaningful when all the frades are combined.

The World’s Fastest

Leverages carefully selected cloud vendors with fast networks and GPU engines.

Super Secure Data

Delivers super-aggressive pseudonymisation and differential privacy. Enables privacy by design – personal data owned by the individual only ever leased to companies. Secure audit of personal data usage through a blockchain ledger.


Easy Integration

Start using BluMamba within hours of deployment. Secure existing investment through use of rest APIs.

BluMamba REST API is all you need to connect to the BluMamba native cloud storage layer