Data Privacy is a human right

Encryption of data alone is not sufficient to meet with the requirements of data security.

Encryption is vulnerable as it it controlled centrally by a handful organisations and is subject to interference.

In Europe the right to personal data privacy is considered a human right. In Europe a data subject owns the information an organisation captures about him or her, and these rights are enshrined in the GDPR.

Data split and spread across legal jurisdictions

BluMamba takes any data (whether e.g. text/image/numerical) and converts it into numerical format. This converted data is strongly encrypted and then split into any number of separate data packages (at the user’s option) and each package distributed to be stored on separate user selected Cloud servers, and optionally across different legal jurisdictions.

The data is meaningless until recombined through the BluMamba software. Such data is therefore made virtually unhackable whilst at rest in the Cloud. In addition to providing a market leading level of inherent data security, this level of data protection also makes BluMamba software a leading data pseudonymisation tool for GDPR purposes.