Hacking Challenge

Encryption of data alone is not sufficient to meet with the requirements of data security. Encryption is vulnerable as it it controlled centrally by a handful organisations and is subject to interference.

In Europe the right to personal data privacy is considered a human right. In Europe a data subject owns the information an organisation captures about him or her, and these rights are enshrined in the GDPR.

We have encoded/encrypted/obfuscated an image and split into multiple parts and distributed around the world. The challenge is to identify the silos and bring the data parts together, revealing the secret photo.

To remove some of the difficulty we have bundled the worldwide fragments together into one downloadable file. Please send an email request for the file to ctf@datasignals.co.uk

The challenge is simply to take the downloaded file and reveal the hidden picture.

The first person to email the
revealed picture wins an Apple Macbook pro or equivalent.